The Toughest Job in the World

Whitewater Development Corporation’s policy for handling default payments on properties it had sold was to resell the property.   After making a $3,000.00 down payment on a particular plot of land and paying $250.00 per month for 36 months, subsequently missing one or two payments because of illness, your $12,000.00 investment toward a $14,000.00 purchase was forfeited to the Whitewater Development Corporation and your property was sold to someone else.   When Hillary Clinton promises to protect us from predatory banking and mortgage policy, she knows exactly what she’s talking about.   She has firsthand experience as the predator.

In her Pennsylvania victory speech she proclaimed the United States Presidency The toughest job in the world.


I wonder how that proclamation sits with those seven reactor engineers aboard K-19 who had to weld up an emergency cooling apparatus for their submarine’s primary coolant system when a major leak in that system required a SCRAM and the primary coolant pumps were damaged unusable in 1961.   The seven men saved the ship but all were dead within a week from radiation exposure.

I wonder what our brave men and women fighting overseas risking their lives each and every day venturing to bring Middle East democracy and freedom think about Hillary’s insistence that she is about to embrace the toughest job in the world as their Commander in Chief?

Maybe Hillary ought tune into Deadliest Catch on the History Channel and explain how President is so much tougher than recovering crab traps with a rope and a hook, riding the rail on a fishing boat violently pitching in the rough Bering Sea in below freezing weather where one wrong move could send you over the side and dead within minutes from hyperthermia.

Hillary’s work experience, comprising the writing of legal notes to assist executives like James McDougall to defraud his bank (and the taxpayers insuring the bank’s funds) millions of dollars might explain her delusions that President is the toughest job, but she can’t recognize it tougher to fly jet fighters into hostile territory, get shot down, captured, tortured, and confined to a POW camp for five years?

I’ve got seven molding presses that need to keep running twenty-four hours a day.   To keep those presses running, you need to maintain the ambient water cooling system, the chilled water system, thermolators to provide heated water, the vacuum system to deliver raw material to the presses, the dryers which remove moisture from the raw materials before processing, and a compressed air system to control the vacuum system and other auxiliaries.   You need to keep the right stock of raw materials and packaging components, maintain labor and importantly keep it happy; handle all of the federal, state, and local requirements for tax and waste disposal.   Then there is the special pleasure trying to conform to the esoteric and ridiculous demands bureaucrat created only to generate additional revenue for a specific government agency.   In between you’ve got to get work and get paid, and do it all while making a profit (I realize many Democrats don’t understand what profit is for, but suffice to say, without one the enterprise ceases to exist as do jobs and tax revenues).

I’m not going to tell you my job is all that tough, but if Hillary Clinton could do it for a week without whining I’d vote for her!   I’m positive I’d be more successful as President than she’d be as plant manager.

It’s not that President might not be a tough job, or a highly stressful job, but doesn’t anybody ever tire of the relentless sanctimonious rhetoric embraced by these politicians?   Not a single one of the three candidates for President has ever been responsible for the continuous operation of a business, to maintain a profitability, to adhere to and  satisfy regulatory control, to work within a budget and succeed, yet they are ready to tell us all how to do it, and manage the framework that creates the machinery we must use within private enterprise to keep America’s economy chugging along.

The President of the United States has hundreds of assistants, analysts, and managers at his disposal supported by a huge budget.   The job comprises consulting with this plethora to decide whether or not to sign or veto congressional bills and to encourage law makers to embrace specific policy initiatives.   Tough!

Of course if your name is Clinton you create the added bonus of continuous scandal that requires frequent defense adding unnecessary stress to the job.

After all is done, if our President really screws up big he just defers to the taxpayers who diligently pick up the tab, guarantee him a real good pension package, and indenture him to an afterlife of book deals and speaking engagements only worth a hundred million or so.  

The toughest job in the world?!?   Real tough!


Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo

22 thoughts on “The Toughest Job in the World

  1. Yes, I agree the President’s job is not the toughest.
    But it’s the power and money they are after as you pointed out.

  2. I’m glad you’ve seen the truth. The President is a figurehead for a shadowy cabal of secret illuminati. They are the ones who truly run the country, all according to their master plan–a massacre here, a war there, a “terrorist attack” there, and by 2012 they’ll have completed their ghastly ring of death. The sigil shall be written in human blood! Carved across the sacred earth! Ia! Ia! The eternal sleeper wakes! Ia! Ia! Its leathery wings blot out the sun! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fthagn! Ph’nglui mglw’nfah Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

  3. I agree with most of what you say but I do believe the office of president is one of the toughest. Sure being in combat “at the time” is probably the toughest but the relentless stress and worry the office of the presidency bestows upon the office holder must be intense. You are the figure head for an entire nation and that must cause some strain. Of course it is also offset by the intense pride that must come from being the said figurehead of the greatest nation this earth has ever seen. I think the plus mos’def outweigh the minus (for all you BET progressive dimocrits) but it is still stressful. And that is why I don’t want a corrupt power hungry Clintonista in the office or a (maybe not corrupt but still a) Marxist holding the title.

    As I side note I saw a pic of Obama in a USMC t-shirt today and I almost vomited.

  4. “I think the plus mos’def outweigh the minus (for all you BET progressive dimocrits) but it is still stressful.” what does this jibba jabba even mean

  5. Love reading your Patriot Den………just a suggestion on your “these guys” shirts……make em’ one and put them front and back.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Crum,

    Come on dawg…you tellin’me you didn’t goto no big gummint department of edumucation and indoctronination? Sheeiit man here I wuz thinkin you wuz mo’down wit it! You done lost all yo’street cred.

    Vote for Change!

  7. Running a country isn’t like running a business. The decisions you make can mean thousands of people are killed, or the entire economy crashes. Somehow I think this is slightly more difficult and the stakes are slightly higher…but then they’ve never done an ‘honest days work’ in their life, have they?

  8. If politicians can’t be trusted, ever, then why vote for any of them? How can you believe in democracy if you think politicians are all corrupt?

  9. I don’t believe in democracy, I believe in Republican government where the will of the “people” is held in check with Constitutional laws guaranteeing individual rights, in spite of what some loser voters or what some loser politicians might want otherwise.

  10. Sake is right on the money… A pure democracy is about the most dangerous form of government there is. Sadly too many people in this country think we are a pure democracy instead of a republic where the government is kept in check by laws. They also believe in something called the “right to vote” whatever that is… Someone please show me where in the constitution, bill of rights, federalist papers, anywhere where we have a right to vote. End the madness, elevate the Constitution and get government the hell out of my life.

    oh, and crum, I’m not a racist. The democrats are the true racists. We all know it.

  11. I also don’t believe in pure democracy; the will of the people doesn’t look to the future and is easily manipulated by the media. However, a representative democracy [republican or parliamentary] doesn’t work if the representatives cannot be trusted.

    “oh, and crum, I’m not a racist. The democrats are the true racists. We all know it.
    Care to explain?

  12. Many well thiking Democrats will be rightfully outraged by Republican ‘Jihadists’branding them ‘racists’
    I Leve a response I get the enswer to why our country has been fractionned and became the DisUnited States of America. Thuis site is obviously trying to see itself ‘conservative but in reality is both hateful of dissent:Many if not most right wing Republicans display thinking very similar to that of whahabi Arabic Muslims(th bane and peril to covilization in the thitd millenium.) Your words:’Liberals who can manage to leave responses without being vulgar or distasteful are encouraged to do so’ are an excellent statement of your retrograde attitude toward nyone who does notshare your ‘near fascist sense of social justice(or rather the lack of it)the 2K character limit proibits a full response to statements such as :’The democrats are the true racists. We all know it.
    Who in Hades are ‘we all’???

  13. Y’all managed to dirty the word’Liberal’.I’m more tghan old enough to remember the days when calling someone a ‘conservative was one step worse than calling him an ‘Ass-Fucker’
    and them were fighting words!

  14. Democrats: Support Affirmative Action – Racism or at least discrimination. They believe that they (the great democrats) can lead the unwashed negro and illegal aliens to their party by making them feel like victims and having a “program” just for them. They encourage reliance on the government vs. self-sufficiency. They believe in putting people into nice little groups based on race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, etc. so that they can manipulate these groups. They coddle racists like Jesse “shake down” jackson and Big Al “we’re gonna shut this city down” Sharpton as well as ones like cynthia “whack job” mckinney… on and on and on. I get sick of these pathetic democrats ruining our great nation. Opps…I have to run. Diversity and sensitivity training mandatory meeting.

  15. Are you really saying there’s no discrimination in America? The basis of affirmative action is that people who are discriminated against by individuals need to have their rights enforced by the government. That’s not to say that affirmative action doesn’t screw some white people out of jobs they are qualified for, but that it’s a program that opposes racism.

    “They believe in putting people into nice little groups based on race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, etc. so that they can manipulate these groups.” Care to explain how this is any different from any other government agency? Say, the Census Bureau?

    Plus it seems you can’t make up your mind between whether the Democrats are anti-black or anti-white. Not that the Republicans don’t have the same problems!

  16. Dimocrits are anti-freedom, anti-indivual, anti-business, anti-self sufficiency. When you are against these ideas you are against ALL people except for the annointed liberal thinkers and controllers. It just so happens the very programs that socialists try and sell to the ignorant masses happen to do more harm to minorities than whites. I never said there was no discrimination in America, did I? Affirmative action is not having “rights enforced” it is propelling one group of people over others based on color of skin. I thought the Census just simply counted people but are you now telling me that they have gone with the big government trend and are now trying to control and manipulate people based on what “special interest group” they fall in? Scary

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