The Last Gun Maker Makes A Stand

Imagine yourself CEO of Ford Motor Company; you start getting reports from the field that each time your new Taurus Sedan brakes hard while making a sharp right hand turn the driver’s side air bag deploys, and on four occasions so far, has gone on to cause an accident.

As a responsible business manager your first action is to launch an investigation to determine the cause of the anomaly and correct it. The investigation reveals that a plastic bracket, through which a hydraulic line passes, is flexed each time brakes are applied strenuously. Coincidentally, when making hard right hand turns, the bulkhead which the bracket is mounted to also flexes straining an electrical connector (also mounted to the plastic bracket) just so to cause an odd electrical impulse that activates the airbag circuit. The fix is simple enough as the electrical connection can be rerouted away from the flexing plastic bracket.

While the fix is simple enough, executing it is not because the government has a law demanding that any change performed to your product for any reason requires submission of that product to an independent test lab to verify safety of the product. Never mind that the Taurus Sedan had already been submitted for testing, at a hefty fee, and passed all tests without the test lab ever finding the peculiar air bag phenomenon.

As CEO, and the individual party to be held criminally for evading any law, you are made each year to pay a $200.00 fee and sign a paper which says, “Under penalty of perjury…blah, blah, blah…I affirm that there have been no changes to this product.” This is the requirement demanded by the government to keep your product on the “Not Unsafe Automobile Roster” allowing you to sell it in the United States.

Now it is perfectly O.K. to keep manufacturing your product as is, even if it gets people killed, and not make the modification to avoid the criminal penalty for making a “change”, but you will undoubtedly be held responsible by a long line of class action attorneys looking to make a “killing” off all your hard work once enough people are injured or killed by the air bag anomaly.

This is what it is like to manufacture pistols in California.

The quick answer to eliminate this quandary is to move from California, but that is easier said than done.  Most businesses have legacy constraints which keep them in their locale for specific reasons, and even if these constraints can be lifted there are still the monetary concerns which make it difficult for a business to move.

Resigned to staying put, you find yourself contemplating the meaning of the word “change”.

If Bill Clinton can successfully reinterpret the word “is” it is not unreasonable to become confused about a big word like “change”.

What compromises a “change”?

Concerning firearms, and as CEO forced each year to sign that form “Under penalty of perjury…” understanding the meaning of “change” becomes more than a simple semantic exercise. A clearly concise understanding of “change” could make the difference between spending time in or out of jail. Let’s ruminate over some “changes” you might encounter in the manufacture of pistols.

Color: If you’re making black pistol frames and it turns out women like pink ones, are you engaged in creating a product “change” if you mold pink frames while maintaining identically every other mechanical detail of your product?

According to California, you have.

Recoil spring: Suppose you find a modest number of customers have experienced stove pipe extraction problems when operating your pistol. Testing reveals the problem non-existent until you fire the piece with a very weak grip where you reliably duplicate the problem. Lightening up the recoil spring eliminates the issue.

Is this a change?

How about if you just put an extra recoil spring in the box with the gun when you ship it?

Is this a change?

Most polymer frame handguns have steel rails molded into the frame upon which the slide rides. There is usually a front steel guide rail and a rear steel guide rail. When the first FMK 9C1 Handgun pistols were shipped they included only a front steel rail. None failed yet enough customers complained to encourage inclusion of the rear steel rail.

Is this a change?

Imagine heat treating pistol barrels to 35 RC as required by your design, but receive them from your vendor and 40 RC or 20 RC. Are these changes? Do you incur the expense of annealing them and treating them again? More importantly, should the decision be driven by good manufacturing practices or driven in an attempt to meet some capricious bureaucratic demand?

Is it a change to tumble a steel component that had previously not been tumbled?

This list of scenarios could continue into more and more esoteric territory, and you would find the definition of “change” much more difficult to explain than might be imagined. These mental agitations might be necessary for someone engaged in the business of building pistols, but for the average American, or average gun owner, they could seem absurd.

They are absurd only until we understand the regulations which are marketed as “for our own good”, are designed to make guns more expensive to produce and more difficult to procure, and they are a frontal assault on our American Freedoms.

Our politicians brag that through regulations they have implemented all pistols with a magazine disconnect safety and a chamber loaded indicator because some stupid kid shot his friend joking around not knowing the gun was loaded. Anyone experienced in handling arms knows those safety devices will not reduce the accidental shooting of one person if the perpetrator is so dumb as to ignore the most fundamental rules of safe gun handling:

Never point a gun at something you don’t intend to shoot!
Always treat a gun as if it is loaded!

How many regulations at the national level are marketed “for our own good” yet only empower politicians and impinge on our freedoms?

As for California’s Roster of “Not Unsafe Handguns”, its implementation has little to do with safe or unsafe arms and a lot to do with bureaucracy’s attempt to keep from you through regulatory means what politicians could not accomplish through legislative ones.

Should you care? It’s only California.

Some states, and many in the federal government have promoted the idea of adopting California’s regulations concerning all pistols in the nation. Care now?

Welcome to the Golden State.

14 thoughts on “The Last Gun Maker Makes A Stand

  1. welcome to NY. as you must know, we have mayor bloomburg in nyc, that hates the letters that spell guns. we have hilary. enough said. i can go on but youget it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! ny state is run by nyc libs. the entire rest of the state votes rep/cons. but it makes no difference. we in all of western ny, central ny., northern ny, and down state ny have “NO VOICE”. WE ARE OUTNUMBERED BY THE 5 BUROUGH’S IN NYC. and long island. what can you do about CAL.? WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT NY.? VERY SORRY TO SAY——NOTHING. UNTIL THE THE PEOPLE IN THE CITIES “STOP” VOTING this politicians in nothing changes. AS LONG AS THE POLITICIANS CONTINUE TO PROVIDE ” FREE”, NO MATTER WHAT, THOSE PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO VOTE THEM IN. in ny state it was no accident that BILL AND HILLARY, SET UP OFFICES IN THE INNER CITY. “THEY NEW WHICH WAY THE POLITICAL WID BLOWS. GOOD LUCK AND KEEP FIGHTING. MAYBE THE SUN WILL SHINE AGAIN ON OR GREAT COUNTRY BUD

  2. I just left the great peoples republic of California April 21st and will never ever go back less to visit friends that haven’t been fortunate enough to escape as I have.
    No liberal is going to leave a response without being vulgar or distasteful because they haven’t enough sense to pour . . .water out of their boots if the instructions were on the heel. Ca is a great state, with great people, however the cities outvote them consistently, and the state is run by Frisco and LA. Lala Land and a city that will soon ban phone books, where they elected Governer Moonbeam….again!
    The exodus from CA will soon cause the liberals feed and house the homeless and illegals out of their own pockets as business”s and residents with the sense God gave an ant flee the peoples republic of California

    • Well said. Ca is on the brink in more ways than one. I currently can not leave the state due to a good job that is hard to find these days…. I am fighting an uphill battle for my 2nd ammend rights. Seems like the states should not be able to impose on my rights as a US citizen yet they do everyday…. If everyone in the US can ban together we can help overturn some of the stupid Ca gun laws here in this state. Write your congress person and the gov. of Ca. and help our cause. Thank you.

  3. We need to stick together on protecting our Rights. If someone asks if you are Pro-Gun..tell them you are Pro-Rights…aren’t you ? It plays better.
    Also infom/educate people on the benefits of owning a firearm for self defense, sport, hunting etc.
    Many non-gun owners fear guns because they have not been educated on thier lawful purposes and
    legal use.

    The other side tends to use inflammatory labels. Don’t let them.
    Be pro-Rights and Proactive.
    Currently violent crime is at it’s lowest rate in 47 yrs according to the US Dept of Justice. That is a hard FACT that is hard to get around if presented reasonably to people.

    Get training, know the law, abd stay safe out there.

  4. As a resident of the State of California, a veteran, and a member of the NRA I am truly frustrated and angry with the Nanny State we live in. The only reason handguns and hunting are still legal in this state is people like myself who stay and fight the good fight. If everytime a tyranical political system imposed its will on the people and people who care, gave up and left, this country would still fly the Union Jack. WE face an uphill battle, with a dedicated liberal media and outnumbered by liberals in government we must use every resource we have and stay to voice our opposition to the attacks on our God given rights.

  5. My wife and I are fortunate to live on a ranch in San Diego, California with 100 acres on it. I teach rifle and handgun safety to kids and adults. I inform them of their god given right to bear arms and encourage them to join the NRA and support the 2nd Amendment. Over the years I have had people come to my ranch, shoot and then go purchase a rifle, handgun or both after taking my safety course. I would say I have referred the sale of over well over 200 Ruger 10/22s and hundreds of other rifles and pistols. I take great pride in being able to shoot on my ranch and encouraging others to purchase arms. We are under attack from our own Gov who wants to label any American who expresses negative opinion of the Gov as a “terrorist”! Please support the NRA and practice proper weapons safety. Do not give the anti gun politicians more fuel to ban or limit fire arms! This is after all… “Our Country”

  6. I live in California and love it here except for the oppressive laws that concern my freedoms. I am very concerned about the current administration. This is the most dangerous administration I have seen since I have been alive. I was born in 1955.
    What scares me about President Obama’s administration is he doesn’t say he is against guns but he appoints liberal judges that will get a majority on the supreme court that believe and will rule the second amendment does not guarantee the rights of individuals to own or possess firearms. They are now attacking freedonm of religion. The Catholic Church will have to provide contraception to kids going to their schools under the new health laws. We are about to be screwed big time if he is re-elected.


  8. 2nd Ammendment. The “Right to Bear Arms”. Why is that so important?

    Well, lets take a look. The term ARMS has been used an awful long time, centuries,in fact. Originally ARMS meant weapons or tools of war. This was long before FIREarms were developed.

    How long before the Government wants our Bows, Spears, Slingshots, & Knivesif we let them take away right of self protection?

    Our Government cannot outlaw firearms until they have made it so inconvienent that most people have felt that it is “just too much trouble” to fight for their “RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS’ We must continue to fight for our rights.

    With Ca. now turning loose “non-violent” felons by the thousands,we need an ARMED populace more than ever. And dont believe that 9-11 is over., cause it ain’t.

    We have Law Enforcement to “protect” us, but “PROTECTION” may be hrs away with all the cuts that Law Enforcement has endured.

    As a business owner, the last time I needed the police NOW, they arrived almost 2 hours later. Not their fault, they were serving a warrant 45 miles away. Such is life in our community, 4 miles on the other side of the end of civilzation.

    But as I looked at the bruises and scratches the next morning, I vowed that there would be no next time. The criminal could explain what happened to the EMT or the DEVIL, whichever got there first.

    Arm yourself and train, train, train!

    Support the NRA and Elected Officials that support YOUR RIGHTS.

    ps: My wife LOVES her new FMK 9mil in PINK! She grins a lot. And when Momma is Happy, Daddy is happy! lol

  9. Founding fathers who fought for our country YES! Quoting Ted Nugent who’s an admitted draft dodger is just plain stupid.

  10. I doubt that anyone who is claiming to live in California doesn’t live in California. Why? Because how they descride California doesn’t sound like California. Every time I purchase a hand gun or rifle I hear “You better hurry up and buy NOW because the laws going to change. Well I’ve heard for years and nothing changed. I own a Mark 3, Smith & Wesson MP 15/22 a .367 Stainless Revoler, Ruger .40 cal, MP 45, High Point 380, AK-47 and a 30-30 Winchester. I have owned a Ruger 10/22, Savage 250 and an Mini Uzi. There are more guns I’m planning on purchasing. We hunt and we shoot and we buy guns for protection too. If you enter my house I’ll half beat you to death even if you’re armed. I’ll gaurantee you I’ll see you before you try to make it into my home.

  11. I realize that if I owned a business it would be difficult to move. But if I was a firearm manufactuer in an anti gun state, it would be torture to live there. I would certainly investigate every available of moving my company. If that was really not at all possible, then I would not sell my firearms to law enforcement in those states. (i.e. New York, California, etc).
    That is the same reason I have never vacationed in any of those states. I have a hard time accecpting irrational stupidity. And I have no love and no faith in anybody who dosen’t believe in and support the Second Admendment. I’m a retired Un ited States Air Force Master Sergeant, Vietnam Veteran, and NRA benefactor member, and it just makes me mad & sick to think that I was willingly going to risk everything of mine in support of some iodot congressional fools who don’t knoe the difference between a nail hammer and a gun hammer !!

  12. So it might not be practical for your company…But I do invite you to move to Kansas. 5th most gun friendly state according to Guns & Ammo, and lots of machining experience because of the aircraft industry! Just sayin :)

  13. I am a native of California (aka “the land of fruits and nuts”) and now have resided for many years on the “other coast”. I used to be extremely proud to let people know I was born in San Diego….and Cali still is a nice place to VISIT. Alas, over the years the ridiculous laws, illegals, and cost of living have sadly (in my humble opinion) have degenerated the state. It is sad…

    On a brighter note, I just received my 9C1 Gen II pistol and must say I am thrilled with the workmanship! It rivals handguns in my collection that have cost much more……way to go FMK! Keep up the GREAT work!!

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