Dianne Feinstein is an Idiot

It really makes me proud to live in a state where my senior senator, with an IQ of 37, and my junior senator, with an IQ of 29, get to represent me.   The point of representative government was to find those leaders within the community with the greatest virtue, accomplishment, wisdom and integrity to speak for the rest.   It was assumed these people would also be among the most intelligent.   That leaves the average Californian IQ right around 19 break head, me hurt got.

Rush played some excerpts of Dianne Feinstein whining on the floor of Congress; hundreds of aliens are dying each year while trying to cross our border illegally.   Because of these tragedies we must pass the current immigration bill to assuage these deaths.

Bank robbers can be shot by police in the commission of their crime.   We must pass a bill to make it easier to rob banks.

People are getting speeding tickets for driving eighty miles an hour.   We must pass a bill to raise the speed limit because too many people are getting tickets!

Way too many child molesters are being arrested these days.   If we could just lower the age of consent to seven, most of these arrests would be unnecessary.

Is this really the best mind the 38 million people of California could find to send to the United States Senate?

I’m having way too difficult a time running my business and paying the payroll and income taxes.   We need to pass a bill to reduce payroll and income taxes.

Now if Senator Feinstein would talk like that, I just might be able to get behind her.   We’ll never hear that however, that would never expand the welfare state, persecute the working middle class, and add the right kind of voters to her constituency.  

The promulgation of her kind of politics requires low-skilled and low-educated individuals who think government is going to give them something.   And she is right their passing out nickels.   Of course she has her hands in your pockets taking out dollars.

It is quite a shame that poor destitute Mexicans leaving their corrupt nation in search of a better life here in the United States have died on their journey.   It is also unfortunate that the Islamic government of Sudan has encouraged genocide of its black inhabitants in Darfur, but we don’t use that fact to drive our immigration policy.

It’s kind of like pulling off the road with a flat tire and then having the mechanic rebuild your engine because the car doesn’t turn left good anymore.   One thing has nothing to do with the other.

I know I’m a heartless prick because I don’t feel sorry for the tire!

It’s doubtful this column’s title will be remembered as one of my most eloquent, but what do you expect from a guy with an IQ of 19?   Sometimes elegant prose flies right over a reader’s head and that must be the case for the average Californian, how else can we explain such brilliant representation in Senators named Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein?

Someone is going to read this article and think it is ridiculous, but ramming through a bad immigration bill because lawbreakers are dying in the desert; that makes perfect sense.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

21 thoughts on “Dianne Feinstein is an Idiot

  1. I just read this column on my new Iphone and loved it. Does that make my IQ 19 also? thanz me for mak smater…… , Sake Mike
    PS. CA needs help.

  2. Since you’re in California, maybe you can contact Disneyland and ask about a putting a monorail over the border. I always loved those air conditioned rail cars, and it would make the anchor kids sooooo happy going back and forth…

    Loved your blog. Is there really a big majority of people out there that think this way? Or maybe the politicians have forgoten they are suppose to represent the people, yeah that must be it!

    Same with my senator, Hutchison (R) from Texas. Even though she voted against cloture, she fully supports this bill. She truely thinks that under this bill, the illegals will go back home and file the proper paperwork, pay their fines, and come back over! She thinks they’ll come out of the woodwork and get a national ID as well! They could just go down to the corner where the guy sells you a drivers license, SS card, proof of auto insurance, car tags, and car inspection stickers for $50 and get one!

    Now why would they change a good thing, the illegal thing is working just fine!!!!

  3. Right on….California is so messed up most likely because of Politicians like Feinstien and Boxer they and their ilk are the norm not the exception.

  4. Ann Coulter, what can I say. I am a devout Christian and I find her revolting. Only someone with a low IQ results in conducting herself in such a “shock jock”way. Americans have turned the tide and have decided that this behavior is no longer acceptable. freedom of speech is one thing, being vulgar for the sake of ratings is low class, white trash. Hoping that someone is killed is as low as you can go. grow up, Ann. Most adults left your kind of childish, playground reparte’ behind in 4th grade. I no longer have anything to do with you or anyone associated with you.

  5. I think Gwyn is confused. She has obviously been mislead by the media’s “political correct” crowd. Something tells me if we tested her IQ, it wouldn’t match Coulter’s.

  6. If any article which quotes “Rush” as a speaker of truth does not raise burning red flags all over your body body and psyche, then you truly are a lost, godless, slanderous, treasonous member of the population, as well as any other pseudo-intellectual slogans Coulter pretends to uphold. The death of intellectual discussion in this country is a sad and slow one.

    Coulter’s pretense at being Christian is as thin as her Aryan knees, but I can not wait for the day that a Christian god makes the evil of this land (that is, Coulter and her blind, cannibalistic followers) own up to their sins.

    And when the day comes that all realize that the biblical scholarship characterizing the anti-Christ as MALE is in error, I will not be surprised and neither should you.

  7. Derek; take a harder look at who you’re calling “God”, that’s if you even believe in him. I know that my Father in Heaven would never find favor in name calling. The closer to the “Truth” one gets the louder “Evil” screams, so it is said.
    George, I think you’re correct; Gwyn stay away from the koolaid.
    Mike and Paul, keep up the great work, stay informed, don’t let the left fool you with their lies.
    Ms. Coulter, great column!

  8. David: I’m absolutely overjoyed to hear your god has nothing to do with name-calling. This assures me that He has nothing to do with Coulter, the poison of our age, the most obvious, clear, purposeful tool of self-righteous “make-believe” Christian hatred.

    Congrats upon you, Sir, for avoiding “her” (if she truly is female) dangerous, defiling traps.

    Incidentally, I’m the son of home-grown, honest-to-God, mid-western, Southern Baptist missionaries.

    I’ve been fed hollow points for years, Sir. What do you got?

  9. “you truly are a lost, godless, slanderous, treasonous member of the population” and “The death of intellectual discussion in this country is a sad and slow one.”

    Derek. I guess this is your idea of an “Intellectual” discourse. To me, it says a LOT about your “intellect” (or lack of it).

  10. Steve: You’re right. I guess intellectual discussion is made up of well-reasoned, carefully considered, emotionally resonant, philosophically deep, somewhat thought-out arguments.

    …I did NOT get that from your post, however.

    Care to begin one?

    I’ll be waiting.

  11. Steve: And I find it truly interesting that you would so discredit your (Coulter’s) arguments in such an obvious fashion. Keep in mind, I was quoting The Disease (Coulter), not simply ranting.

    But what do you care? It’s much easier to make simplistic catch phrases than true arguments.

    Keep up the good work, Steve.

  12. What a JOKE!

    WASHINGTON – President Bush spared former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby from a 2 1/2-year prison term in the CIA leak investigation Monday, delivering a political thunderbolt in the highly charged criminal case.

    Another great move by this adminstration.

    Better days lie ahead….

  13. Hey Jim! If you have this much disdain for California and our representation, why don’t you just leave?

    Oh, wait a minute!! (scratching my head THINKING) If he and all the entrepreneurs like him, who employ hard working Americans like me, leave California, then I’ll have to leave. Who will be LEFT? More importantly, who will buy my $500,000 house? Oh S#@%, we better be the first ones out!!!

    I don’t want to leave SoCal! We need to make some changes! But how?

    VOTE!!! I do, but it’s not enough.

    What else can I do?

  14. Following is my “John Swift” like “Modest proposal” for Calif. It should please both liberals and conservatives. My “Modest Proposal” is Cede Calif back to Mexico!. This should please the libs because they know we obtained Calif in an “imperalistic war”. It would please conservatives because the rest of in the 49 remaining states would be free of Feinstein and Boxer.

  15. Very nice posting. How about a trade? My two Senators for yours. The exgreat state of New York
    has two I would trade for any other states Senators.

  16. I sent the following to three senators today!

    It is time to demand that congress justify their existence and serve our interests instead of theirs! Let’s

    Start drilling for oil! I don’t care where the hell it is!

    Secure the borders, now!

    Make English the National Language!

    Demand investigations for members of congress that have betrayed the trust of the American People, past and present.

    Dianne Feinstein – Government construction contracts funneled to her husbands companies -a provision in a water redevelopment bill that could benefit property her husband owns in San Francisco

    Barbara Boxer – ethics violations

    Nancy Pelosi -a provision in a water redevelopment bill that could benefit property her husband owns in San Francisco, hiring illegal immigrants for her vineyard

    Harry Reid – Profits from land deals on land he never owned, favors to special interest groups (including his sons)

    Jack ABSCAM Murtha – for ethics violations and the worst display of ignorance with regard to undermining our troops I have ever seen including the hero (in his own mind) John Kerry

    Ted Kennedy – What a failure and liar. What can you say about the mentality of the people that keep electing him or for that matter, the rest of the previously mentioned self serving hypocrites!

    We deserve better than this!!!

  17. Yes, Feinstein and Boxer need to be voted out. We did get rid of Grey, who was a disaster, was better than Lungren. What we need is some good honest politicians that we can vote in to office. What are the chances of that happening? Not good

  18. Question of the day.

    If you knew that an asteroid was about to hit Washington D.C., and you knew that you were the only person with this knowledge, would you tell anyone?

  19. Yes! I would call the white house and ask for George. If I got a hold of him I would try to convince him to call a special session of congress!!

  20. They simply stay in power because there are enough voters who keep them in power and LIKE what they stand for. As more and more illegals and minorities are allowed to seek sanctuary in the country/state, Feinstein et all can expect even more voters keeping them in power – hence they are all for open borders, sanctuary cities/states, issuing drivers licenses (the main document required to register to vote), etc. They are also the staunchest supporters of disarming the LEGAL Americans. Might there be a connection, ya think? When we finally wake up to the harm they’ve done to the Constitution, and our country, they surely don’t want us using our last resort provided for by the 2nd Ammendment, do they?

    Feinstein et all are the standard bearers for turning America into a borderless adjunct of global world order of a socialist bent. Apparently, Californians love that idea as they keep these traitors in power. Apparently Californians LOVE being the state with the highest taxes, highest number of illegal aliens, a state in the forefront of legislating against all moral and historical foundations which made our country what it is, and don’t mind laws passed which violate their own consitution. Californians, instead, would love to see all that thriving throughout the entire country, and believe those of us who know better are to be silenced, or otherwise dealt with.

    There are some good folks out in California. Not enough, apparently. You are way too far down the slippery slope to ever be able to climb back up the slide. Only rebellion or flight will save you. Do so, whileyou have time to do either.

    Of course, if Feinstein et all have their way, there will be no arms with which to stage a rebellion, nor any means to flee the state without going completely bankrupt, nor any State left which they haven’t used their positions as federal politicans to clone into similar hopeless condition.

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