Calling all Employers

Juan is my supervisor on the third shift.   He’s a nice kid, but still a little confused.   Wading his way through all the news static he was astute enough to make this boneheaded remark, Jim, the Democrats are ahead now, right?

I hope not Juan.   If they win I’m going to have to cut your salary ten percent.

Why Jim, Why?

Because those Democrats are going to raise my taxes, and I’m going to have to cut everyone’s salary to pay for it.   But don’t worry, I am optimistic that we’ll get McCain and he won’t be as bad as all the conservatives fear; you’re going to vote for the Republican, right?!

Oh yes Jim, yes I am.

Isn’t it funny how that works?

If you ask  Democrats why they feel justified in raising taxes on the rich , they’ll say, They don’t need the money anyway or they’ll make some other equally scurrilous and moronic comment Rich people screwed the little guy to get their money.

Rich people could not have possibly have worked their tails off to become rich, oh No!   They took advantage of the poor; and the poor have so much to take advantage of, every month they get a brick of government cheese!   Every rich guy I know is aggrieved over that damn cheese.    

Did you ever think, maybe the poor don’t need the money anyway ?   Think about it.   What do they need money for?

You can fill up at Taco Bell for five bucks, and you can make ten bucks in an hour washing a car.   Certainly, poor people can find three cars to wash a day!

Poor people are all too fat anyway, sitting around staring at Oprah not doing anything, eating potato chips.  

Poor people don’t have big houses with big electric bills.   Al Gore doesn’t want poor people to have big houses; all the electricity they use, we might heat up the earth another half a degree in the next hundred years, YIKES!  

Poor people don’t have to pay expensive gardeners to mow those big water wasting lawns, they don’t have employees and large payrolls, and they don’t have to match all those Social Security taxes on those large payrolls either!  

It seems to me we ought to be increasing taxes on the poor and reducing them on the wealthy.   That’s what we need.

Those poor people just aren’t paying their fair share.   Bastards.   Tax the parasites, tax the parasites!

I think the poor are unfairly represented and get to vote too much.   Votes ought to be apportioned according to how much we pay in taxes.   Screw that one man one vote nonsense, let’s do the one tax dollar one vote program!   Don’t worry libs, you’ve still got all of Hollywood, George Soros, and all the Ivy League brats, with rich mommies and daddies, who’ve yet to work a day in their lives.   There are plenty of lefty votes there.

Maybe we’d be better off with the IQ vote system.   If you’re under a 100, no vote for you!   That would decimate the Democratic Party.

O.K., I agree, we should just leave the voting system alone, but we need to do like the Democrats always decry; share the pain!  

All employers need to get together and cut salaries on all of their employees by the same amount that Barack Obama raises our taxes.

When your people complain about the cuts, just tell them

You don’t need the money anyway!

Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo  

64 thoughts on “Calling all Employers

  1. This whole argument is just another strawman: people in favour of raising taxes in order to pay for [massive government debt] social welfare would argue that taxes are hardest on the middle class and lower class, and the upper class has a social duty as well.

    Besides which, raising income taxes for the wealthy shouldn’t affect a business’ resources unless the CEO is embezzling.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why the lefty crew bothers to read you, Jim. They can’t even figure out basic sarcasm and get their panties in a twist over a minor bit of being made fun of. And they can’t spell or use proper grammar either. Not surprising of course with our modern education/indoctrination system, but sad nonetheless.

    The really sad part is that these retards think that they can raise taxes on the wealthy only. The only way they can actually do that is to abolish all deductions save a flat personal exemption and then institute a flat-rate tax. I won’t go further, you’ll at least understand the concept, and I don’t have time to try to explain it to them. Or to explain why the people they keep voting for are the ones who will make sure it never happens.


  3. I normally don’t leave comments on blogs, but this article bothered me enough to do so.

    Whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, surely you must realize that neither increasing nor decreasing taxes indefinitely will help the country. There is a certain “sweet spot” that maximizes the amount the government can levy while not putting too much of a burden on the tax payers. The idea that raising taxes is bad or unfair is entirely ignorant. If you keep cutting taxes, the government simply won’t be able to finance all the programs that it needs to. And on the flip side, if you keep raising taxes, that will most likely end up hurting the economy. There simply has to be a balance.

    As to whom should be taxed the most, the rich have a greater capacity to pay taxes and still “get by alright”. There is a minimum cost of living in this country, and some people simply can’t afford it, many through no fault of their own. The rich don’t happen to be in that group. If you want to tax the poor so they have to get by on fast food for every meal, you’re going to end up killing them. Who knows, maybe you think the country would be better off…

    As to your sweeping generalizations of liberals, and your interesting suggestions about new voting policies…

    Okay, yeah, you can make fun of Hollywood. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to talk.

    But please, do not talk down to the Ivy League schools. We aren’t here just for the fun of it. They’re not party schools. They are high level institutions where students get a quality education. And your assertion that all students here are over-privileged brats who have never worked is completely ludicrous. Personally, I worked in a law firm and a science lab when I was still in high school, and most of the people here have similar employment histories.

  4. And it really makes no sense to demean the Ivy League schools when your very next point was dumb people should not be allowed to vote. I’m sure many people have seen this:

    While I wouldn’t guarantee that it’s perfectly accurate, I’m sure that it’s not far from the truth. So your assertion that an IQ requirement would hurt the liberals… All I can say is let’s give it a try!

    Overall, while I know that your article was intended to be “humorous”, I failed to find it funny. Maybe if you had thrown in a dead baby joke or something. I dunno…

    But anyway, the last point that I wanted to make is that (in my opinion) we are in no position to offer tax cuts at the moment. We are in a tremendous deficit because of a supposedly “conservative” president. (Aren’t the liberals supposed to be the ones who like to spend money?)

    If instead of getting the US involved in an extremely costly war and spending money on other such fruitless pursuits, Bush and his team had *reduced* government spending and did not drive us into a few trillion dollar deficit, then maybe tax cuts would work after all. But something needs to be done about our current situation. If McCain can turn things around for the conservatives, that would be great. But I highly doubt that electing another Republican to office would bring about the change that we need.

  5. Ivy League Brat,

    To get into an Ivy League school you needed to get good SAT scores, right?

    Certainly you’re not falling for that scam chart about IQ’s? If you were a little more mature you would know average IQ’s just don’t vary so much. I’ll bet the total swing across all states is less than ten points.

    As for the deficit, I guess you want to drive it higher by raising taxes!

    George Bush’s tax cuts resulted in the government receiving greater revenue.

    Read column # 60, and make sure you take some economics courses at that good school you get to go to. Don’t waste that good mind you have by swallowing up leftist propaganda without giving it discerning examination.

  6. I do stand corrected: that chart about the IQ’s was indeed a hoax. I just did some checking and apparently it’s based more on average per capita income per state. The Economist later apologized for featuring the chart.

    However, I did come across this:
    which estimates IQ by the average SAT and ACT scores by state. Certainly not as dramatic as the other chart.

    And you were quite correct about the 10 point difference, at least by their estimation. (Well, you said less than 10 points, but I’ll let that one slide)

    Though I don’t know if your comment about maturity was accurate… I’d say it’s more of a lack of knowledge about average IQ scores between states. 😛 But hey, who knows. You might be right about that too.

    About Bush’s tax cuts, I’d like to see the data on that.

    As to your last point, I’ll be sure to take some Econ classes while I’m here, just for you. I’m more of a science person, but I suppose it can’t hurt while I’m here. (And I’ll try to read your other post sometime when I don’t have a midterm the next day…)

    Take care

  7. Ivy League Brat,

    The “mature” remark was really not a cut. Our institutions of higher learning are often good at giving you guys plenty of information, but not necessarily good at instilling the critical thinking skills required to analyze it.

    Maturity is bred from a healthy mix of idealism and cynicism, tip too far one way or another and you are naïve or overly pessimistic.

    The idealism comes from good education like you are obtaining now. The cynicism comes from the burns you get trying to apply that idealism in the real world.

    Check out Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell (maybe even better than eco 101 at your college). He teaches economic principles with real world experiences to take the dryness out of a subject I loathed as a youngster, but appreciate immensely as a business owner.

  8. Jim,

    You start off your post with

    ““Because those Democrats are going to raise my taxes, and I’m going to have to cut everyone’s salary to pay for it. ”

    And then you say that democrats

    “or they’ll make some other equally scurrilous and moronic comment—“Rich people screwed the little guy to get their money.””

    Err… you do realize that passing on your cost of taxes to the poor is exactly what those moronic democrats are talking about, correct?

    Poor people pay taxes. Rich people pay taxes. Got it? Good. Why is it that the rich people try so hard to skip paying their part of the social contract? Why are you avoiding being a good citizen?

    If your avoiding paying your fair share by passing on taxes as a cost – If you lower your employees pay to afford taxes – your doing no better or greater good for society than those whom do no work and live on handouts from the government.

  9. I think this country and its bipartisan politics would greatly benefit from less black and white viewpoints. In reality, there is a whole spectrum of gray in between.

    The reason you make broad generalizations about liberal morons is because of the great number of left wing extremists voicing their opinions. The reason I generally side with those democrats is because their extremes are at least somewhat easier to swallow than republicans like yourself Jim, who’s rantings come across more as borderline fascism. One vote per tax dollar..come on! Last I heard republicans were big into that whole “Constitution” thing, which I thought included the right to life, liberty, and happiness, regardless of how much money you have.
    You may not have been serious about that, but it’s obvious you’ve got some bias in favor of people with more money.

    The truth is, there are blood sucking poor people that do nothing but take hand outs and drain society. There are also blood sucking conservatives embezzling money and not paying their fare share back into society.
    Most of the people in this country however, fall somewhere in between. So if you take an extreme right standpoint because all your opinions are based on the extreme lefties, you’re going to sound like a maniacal asshole. And you do. Of course the converse is true as well, but the bottom line is, you’re really only contrasting and representing the opinions of nut-jobs. I don’t resonate with either side of your argument!

    Granted I’m sure having an extreme viewpoint gets you more viewers for your blog, but for the good of humanity, why don’t you try having a more balanced opinion, that tries to fairly consider all walks of life. You know, solutions that work for everyone; ideas that speak to both sides of the coin. It’s always been my experience that that’s the best way to communicate and to make changes happen.

    If everyone did that, I’m sure we’d all have a lot less to complain about.

  10. Justin,

    What solutions do you have that work for everyone?

    Taxing me 44% Federal income tax, then state income tax, then Medicare, then Social Security (of which I have to match on the corporate side), then sales tax on whatever is left if I buy something?

    The left has become so extreme, the moderate position—that I want to keep the money I earn is viewed severe.

    I am forty-five years old and have already worked more hours than most people have at their retirement age. The policies I rail against are policies which unfairly attack my income because the mob has “democracy” and subjugates Constitutional protections which might otherwise defend me.

    The result:

    I don’t work, and you youngsters who would benefit from my expertise and experience in industry don’t get the benefit.

    I change my methods of obtaining income and take myself out of the taxpayer pool and spend my time at leisure activities (read column # 60). You kids lose far more than I do.

    You have been convinced there is a left and a right and the best place to be is somewhere in the middle.

    The left embraces socialism, the best place to be is in a fight to destroy it for the pernicious evil that it is.

    The right isn’t perfect, but at its core it endeavors to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness better than any faction on the left does or ever has.

  11. “The right isn’t perfect, but at its core it endeavors to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness better than any faction on the left does or ever has.”
    Conservatives who claim to defend liberty are the ideological descendants of the Classic Liberals, who were leftists.

    The world isn’t black and white.

  12. Justin,

    “One vote per tax dollar..come on!”

    I presume this was a tongue in cheek remark. Surely Jim wasn’t serious about this….was he?

  13. Your sarcastic comments had me laughing my head off.

    I took a look at the IQ column, and was quite surprised. During my 35 years working, before I retired, I am quite sure that I worked with people well above the 100 IQ Mark.

    The two years I worked for MGM/Mirage may be the exception.

    Keep up the good work.


  14. Fact: Red states consume more welfare and federal funds than blue states.
    Fact: Education in red states on average ranks lower than blue states.
    Fact: lowering taxes without lowering government spending leads to federal deficits which can hinder economic growth more than taxing at a rate to balance the budget.
    Fact: deficit spending in the last forty years has been higher under republican leadership than when democrats held the executive office.

    Opinion: based on the above facts, in general, republicans leaders rack up national debts to reduce taxes. Republican states consume more than their fair share of social services. And because Republican states in general have worse education, the average Republican is educated poorly compared to Democrats.

    Therefore: poorly educated, working class social conservatives are tricked into voting for well educated wealthy republican elites who convince them that by cutting taxes on the wealthy, their working class wages will not be cut any more than they already have.

  15. Liberals never let facts get in the way of their argument. And they think that the Iraq war is the cause of the deficit. Our economy is so tied in with government spending that if we had a balanced budget we would add to unemployment. Politicians don’t want to do that, especially in an election year. So they borrow more and spend it to keep employment high. It can’t last forever.

  16. Jack:

    I am sure that a few trillion dollars spent on the Iraq war were not, in fact, spent on the Iraq war. Thanks to you, I have seen the light!

  17. Getting rich is an illness that can end in terminal greed. It is not a good thing and does nothing towards helping humanity as a whole.

    Some seem to forget that we are all in this together and some oa us are handicapped i.e. don’t want to be wealthy, just able to take care of our loved ones. Those of us who are in this category rarely end up looking for ways to make more and more money, we look for jobs and often end up being exploited, accepting that this is how capitalism works.

    In tribal civilisations people take care of each other. In our capitalist world if you have a problem it’s your fault and fuck you.

    I love progress.

  18. On top of that, there are physiological and material limits to happiness. Your brain can only process so much of the hormones that cause happiness, and money can only buy you so much before you get bored with decadence.

  19. I’m shocked that no comment has covered the “FAIR TAX” solution to virtually all economic problems facing our country today! Read about it and understand the positive impact it would have on our economy!But, alas, politicians and voters alike who are ignorant of the plan will attempt to nix it. Think about it—abolish the IRS, keep 100% of your income, everyone receives a monthly check equivalent to their basic necessities, the 23%imbedded tax on everything you purchase now would be gone, free competitive market forces would ensure that businesses don’t try to keep the imbedded taxes plus the 23% consumption tax, businesses would thrive with less tax burden that inhibits their expansion, and even draw businesses back to the USA, meaning new jobs! If anyone says, “yes, but—“, read the book—“The Fair Tax”, or go to ! Just do it!!!

  20. Shockingly, many people have non-basic needs that can arise at the worst times, and cost far more than their income, things like education for their children, emergency hospital care, and protection from criminals and fires. The government needs money in order to provide social services, and it needs a lot of money. You can’t just start abolishing income taxes.

  21. Fair tax is quite a joke, since the rate will have to be very high and most folks with money will save it rather than spend it, thus forcing the rate up even more. Just does not work with human nature!!!!

  22. without FDR’s economic policy, we would all be speaking German right now. (Of course, our education system and mass transit would probably be a lot better..)

    Many countries have a vastly higher standard of living than the USA. They do this with a progressive tax code.
    In the US, half our taxes go to the military. We spend more on military than the rest of the industrialized world combined.

    For ages, serious economists have known that taxing the rich at a higher rate is the best way to redistribute wealth. But it also just makes sense. If you are rich, you need the government to protect your assets more than I do (since I have no assets). Also, the richer you are, the more you consume. The more you consume, the more you indirectly use collective goods, like public roads etc…thus, you must pay more. Also, remember, FDR’s economic policies were a way of averting an all out workers revolution.

    But did I miss something? Are we all rich in here?

  23. Jim, Your tongue in cheek style cracks me up. Your Post #54 addresses this concept rather well though.

    Reader Response: angelo on March 2nd, 2008 at 6:40 pm SAID; If you are rich, you need the government to protect your assets more than I do.

    Now there is a piece of wisdom, I say see #54 again!

    Here is the short version for those out there that think CEO’s to guns et. al. are all bad and government is the answer to “our problems.” The day is coming, sooner than you think, Where all those FDIC savings and checking accounts are going to be guaranteed worthless! And it’s going to make “The Great Depression” will look like the good ole days.

    Now, I know that everyone can not watch everything going on in this country, much less the world. But there are things going on right now that are going to break this economy! Taxes will the least of our problems. Juan is already in trouble and doesn’t even know it.

    The next Fed rate cut in March is looking more like it could be even more than 50 BPS! These guys at the Fed have their minds set on inflating the economy! The New and Improved “pro-growth” Fed, bringing inflation to your door!

    And the world currencies aren’t the only things taking liberties with the dollar… Oil hit $103 Feb29, and Gold was up another $14 and hit $973!

    President Bush and Chairman Bernanke amidst a maelstrom of disastrous economic news, both men bravely straightened their ties … put on sincere faces … looked directly into the camera … and delivered the biggest load of malarkey I’ve heard in years. They said all is fine with the economy! The day is coming when we figure out if Inflation can be killed by Recession or will it take something bigger?

    Those that liked FDR’s policies are gonna love whats coming. Your government working for you!

    Cash N. Dash

  24. I would be willing to bet that every single person that has responded here has no idea how money is created.

    This may be where the IQ issues come into play. . .

    Cash N. Dash

  25. ,,Why is it that ,,Rich” People don’t want to pay taxes?” Hmm… I wonder, could it perhaps have something to do with the fact that that tax money then gets wasted on some newfangled social welfare scheme that in the end will only serve to subjugate the poor further. A scheme that will offer nothing more than extra government handouts but no method of actually bettering one’s situation therefore forcing ever increasing numbers of people to vote left just so that they can keep that ,,State salary”. Therebye, along with the help of decreasing voter turnout, slowly choking the Democratic system until only interest groups decide how the rest of the population lives.

  26. “could it perhaps have something to do with the fact that that tax money then gets wasted on some newfangled social welfare scheme that in the end will only serve to subjugate the poor further.”

  27. I haven’t talked to you in a while Jim. It still cracks me up that you couldn’t get country with a c in your website name. Maybe you should have thought of a more orginal name. First of all, it wouldn’t have been improperly spelled, but most importantly, it would have been original. By the way, if socialism is so bad why is the pound worth so much more than the dollar?

  28. One more thing Jim. I see you have a link to Ann Coulter. Do you think HER IQ is above 100? I think not. I watched a video of her saying that Canada had fought alongside us in Vietnam! It’s on youtube if you don’t believe me. That’s pretty high up there on the stupid chart if you ask me.

  29. The day is coming, sooner than you think, Where all those FDIC savings and checking accounts are going to be guaranteed worthless! And it’s going to make “The Great Depression” will look like the good ole days.

    Right you are! But don’t be so hard on Bush. You gotta appreciate a president who makes liberals drop gun control, altogether.

  30. “By the way, if socialism is so bad why is the pound worth so much more than the dollar?”

    Britain? Socialist? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

  31. Hey Jeem – I doan like da way ju talk about us poor peeple, sayin weez fat and jus eat tacos and watch Oprah.
    When we take over soon, maybe we wone be so nice to you.

    An I aint showin up to work tonite.


  32. “You can fill up at Taco Bell for five bucks, and you can make ten bucks in an hour washing a car. Certainly, poor people can find three cars to wash a day!”

    I read this and the first thing I thought was

    “Let them eat cake!”

  33. To David Ingle: Maybe your IQ isn’t as high as you thought and Ann Coulters is higher than you thought. This is from the CBC Archives, titled “Canada’s Secret War – Vietnam”: Quote: “Vietnam may have been America’s war but Canada was heavily involved — for and against. Canada harboured American draft dodgers and helped supervise ceasefires. But at the same time, about 30,000 Canadians volunteered to fight in southeast Asia. And there was Canada’s involvement in secret missions, weapons testing and arms production.” I don’t agree with everything Ann Coulter says, but she is smart, and can out debate every liberal put in fronnt of her.”

    To those who think poor people pay taxes, I beg to argue: My daughter’s family made 30K two years ago, they paid in somewhere around 2K in taxes plus some minor realestate tax’s. Fed and State returns netted them 7K. Can we say tax code embedded welfare? With that said Crumbunist, can you really make an argument that taxes are hardest on the middle and lower class?

    To whom ever said the US spends half of it’s tax revenue on the militery, get a clue. Over 60% is spent on entitlements, and if the liberals have their way it will go to 75% real quick. Look it up.

    To those of you that think Socialism is a good thing, why don’t you move to a Socialist country and report back to us on how things are going in a few years. My guess is that you will see and hear of people either wanting too, or actually moving to the US, quickly followed by you coming back home with a new perspective.

    And to those of you complaining about the war, I have one question. Have you totally forgotten about 9-11???? It seems half the country has. We ARE fighting terrorists in Iraq. Better there than here. And now that Polosi has put a huge dent in our country’s ability to gather real time intellegence may the first new attack hit San Fransico. Mean spirited you say? NOT! Hopefully lesson learned.

  34. I have come to the conclusion that you cant be liberal enough! or too liberal! capitalism is inherently evil! and if another republican wins the presidency this time i will seriously consider leaving this once great country

  35. Almost any of the European countries you label “socialist” have a higher standard of living than the US. What was the point of splitting off from England if we are not way better off, and smarter than they are 200 years later? Throwing our weight around can be useful, but why?

    And with all of this talk about low IQ, you’d think we would all be against more education cuts…

    Do you really think we have paid off the cold war already? We are still paying for Vietnam, and Grenada and El Salvador and Nicaragua and Gulf War One, even though the 2008 federal budget does not say so explicitly. Most of our tax goes to Military spending if you look into it further than fy 08 pie charts.

    look, I like to have discussions, but there is little discussion to be had here. It all depends upon what you want. If you want no taxes and total freedom, then States are not the way to go. There are really good forms of anarchy that would allow rich people to do whatever they want. But no serious economist would say that taxing the rich at a higher rate (progressive tax code) is a bad idea if you want to have a better, stronger country with a higher average IQ.

  36. Hey Jeremy, please feel free to move to any other country you like. The fewer libirals we have to deal with the better. You’ve really gobbled down the indoctrination quite well. You say capitalism is evil. I suppose North Korea, Cuba, and the old Soviet Union were/are much better places to live. You people need to get a clue.

    And Angelo, you say the standard of living is so much better in European countires? Problem is they are in a tax hell. They have an exploding muslim population that they can’t control and if you read enough about it many are in great fear of. Then there are the employers not being able to get rid of sub-par workers while paying for huge benefit packages and six weeks of vacation. And if thier health care is so great as that idiot Moore says, why do many of the rich ones come here for treatment? I’ve been to England several times, and the blue collar workers I had pleasure to interact with all hate thier health care system.

    On the IQ discussion. Those tests are all bunch of bolagna. MOST people are smart in thier own way, not necessarily in ways the subjective questioning on the tests can prove. They should conduct “common sense” questioning. That would weed out the real idiots as seventy-five percent of the world would flunk.

    Finally, I read an article in Readers Digest claiming a crisis in testing. Of course they blame it on Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program, and the pressures it puts on school systems to pass kids to keep the federal funds coming in. Nothing was mentioned about not being able to objectively test the kids beacuase we don’t want to hurt they’re feelings with traditional grading scale. I have a degree in science and engineering, and when I would fail my forth grade grandson’s math tests there is a problem. New math is not math, it’s an excersise in subjective, non linear, “liberal” thinking. What does the cariboo population in Anwar have to do with math? (Part of word problem I had trouble helping my granson with.)

  37. Money is money whether it is payed in taxes or payed to my insurance company who tried to stick me with the bill because I dared stumble into a “non-plan facility” when my lung spontaneously collapsed.

    Look, I don’t like tax and government either. Hell, I don’t particulary like countries, but we have not reached a point where economic anarchy works yet. If you are going to be a country, then be a real country. Not a half-country where a few people can get really expensive procedures done, and the rest of us have to play casino capitalism for routine procedures.

  38. Hey jetff, or whatever your name is, I HAVE BEEN TO SEVERAL SOCIALIST COUNTRIES. YOU’RE AN IDIOT. They are pretty wondeful. My voice teacher at school was a professional opera singer in Germany for 25 years. He paid up to 65% taxes on his income some years and loved it. He moved back here to teach two years ago and doesn’t like it. You just don’t understand. You never will. Hold on to your money, but never forget what Charlemange’s finger pointed to.
    What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul. P.S. Use your real name and stop being a pussy.

  39. Hey Matt guess what, England has this thing called THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE! THAT’S SOCIALISM! THEY ARE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. It’s simple really. If people like you and I don’t go bankrupt because of medical bills, than we need LESS government assisstance and in the end it saves everyone money. Also, preventitive medicene saves money and it is more readily available to everyone in a socialist economic system. There is a reason that EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD BESIDES US HAS A SOCIALIST ECONOMIC SYSTEM. Look it up before you argue. Google NHS. You’ll find just how socialist England is. After that google what the single highest cause of bankruptcy is in the US. It’s medical costs. If you find different facts after your research, site them and show them to me. Bear in mind that the research must be legitimate. If you show facts that contradict mine, I’ll join your side. Think about it. When someone declares chapter 11 or 13, it costs YOU money!

  40. By the way jetff, don’t be a stupid ass! What difference does it make if Muslims move to Europe. They aren’t all terrorists, despite what your dumbass thinks. THEY DON’T NEED TO BE CONTROLLED! Was Tim McVey a CHRISTIAN TERRORIST OR WAS HE JUST A TERRORIST? AS A CHRISTIAN, I HOPE HE WAS JUST A TERRORIST!

  41. David Ingle,

    Simplistic drivel. Britain has one of the most liberal globalised economies in the world and is a centre for capitalist investment. The fact it has a free healthcare system does not make it a socialist country. If anything it is becoming more liberalised with the Public Private Partnership system implemented under New Labour.

  42. Looks like I missed one!

    “To those of you that think Socialism is a good thing, why don’t you move to a Socialist country and report back to us on how things are going in a few years. My guess is that you will see and hear of people either wanting too, or actually moving to the US, quickly followed by you coming back home with a new perspective.

    And to those of you complaining about the war, I have one question. Have you totally forgotten about 9-11???? It seems half the country has. We ARE fighting terrorists in Iraq. Better there than here. And now that Polosi has put a huge dent in our country’s ability to gather real time intellegence may the first new attack hit San Fransico. Mean spirited you say? NOT! Hopefully lesson learned. ”

    I live in a “socialist” country and yet, people are not flooding out to live in the US. In fact, there are many Americans living here as well. I guess America must be a SOCIALIST COMMUTOPIA, why else would someone leave a country?

    And there were not terrorists [i.e. Al Qaeda] in Iraq until Saddam was kicked out. He hated Al Qaeda and liked to keep control of his own country, even if we was an asshole dictator. And before you say “BUT HE WAS A DICTATOR WITH WMDS HE WAS A TERRORIST HIMSELF!!” remember that A) there were no WMDs in Iraq, no more so than in any country Reagan supplied with mustard gas, and B) he killed less people than the glorious war of liberation, and they lived in greater security too.

  43. Socialism refers to a broad array of doctrines or political movements that envisage a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community for the purposes of increasing social and economic equality and cooperation. This control may be either direct-exercised through popular collectives such as workers’ councils-or indirect-exercised on behalf of the people by the state. As an economic system, socialism is characterized by state or community ownership or control of the means of production.

    I suppose that we are both right. Britian is sort of a hybrid country. True there is still private ownership, but a lot of things are socialised. The BBC? Come on. You know that my point is that their system is better, and while they aren’t totally socialist, they are more so than we. We could stand to learn something of government from our cousins across the pond. And to all the people who say that Europe sucks, have you ever been? If you haven’t lived there for an EXTENDED period of time like me, than go screw yourself, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  44. Maybe more like Germany than Britain, the UK government is getting a little too police state-privacy infringement or my tastes.

  45. David Ingle,

    Glad you see sense. Britain is more Socialist than America, that’s for sure but it is far from a Swedish social democracy as well.

    Personally I think a mixed economy is always the way to go, as well as being the properly conservative form of economy. The economic model advocated on this site appears to be unbending neoliberalism – a model that has significant disadvantages from a traditional conservative perspective.

  46. Matt

    It’s always nice when people can come to an understanding with one another. I’m glad that you can see the advantages of using a mixed system. I’ve been screaming it for ages.

  47. Was that some kind of homophobic joke? If it was, that’s pretty lame and immature Jetff.

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