My Reward

Living in the midst of Southern California’s most recent firestorm I am reminded one more reason why I’d like to move to another state.   As if high taxes and hostile business environment are not enough to drive one away, when fire season comes there is no escape from the acrid air heavy with smoke aggravating the lungs, eyes, and allergies.   It seems these bad fires are becoming an annual event.

The most notable irritation does not come, however, until you start your domestically made automobile and instantly get dust blown into your face because unlike the Japanese and German automakers who have designed their vehicles to default all automobile settings to the position in which they were last left, our domestics reset the climate control recirc from inside to outside air upon startup.   This way if you turn on your A/C when you happen to be behind a bus, you get to suck up bus fumes, and if you start your car with A/C on after half your town has been burned down you get a great big ash filled burst of air in your eyes!

Evidently, engineers at the Big 3 don’t think their customers are smart enough to know what position the recirc button ought to be in upon start up, so they reset it for you.   Stupid drivers.

After making crappy vehicles for years, agreeing to unsustainable labor contracts, and irresponsibly funding retirement accounts with future earnings, the domestics are now running to Uncle Sam for a bailout.   As if 50 billion dollars is their magic bullet.  

In nine months the fifty billion will be gone and we will be in the same position we are now, except deeper in debt.   Oh no , say the bureaucrats, they are going to institute oversight to insure the manufacturers do a good job because bureaucrats know better how to build a good car than do men in the automotive business, right?

I just hope this oversight is as good as the one that watched over the mortgage business and protected us from an almost certain meltdown of the banking industry!

It is true that a lot of jobs will be lost if Detroit manufacturers go bankrupt, but it is also true that a lot of jobs will be created when a lack of product on the market causes demand which must be supplied by some other manufacturer.   A manufacturer, I might note, that knows what it is doing.

Surrounded by financial devastation I wonder how it is I might partake of some of this government largesse.  

Like many other responsible Americans I have lived within my means.   I don’t have credit card debt.   I have satisfied  my mortgage and I drive a car that was paid for long ago.   For this  what is my reward?

The government is going to raise my taxes to bailout a bunch of millionaires and billionaires in Detroit and on Wall Street.

What will the government do if I don’t cooperate?

I am looking forward to 1932.

If my grandmother was still alive she’d smack me.


Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo