According to DumbO

While Olympic athletes were arriving at newly constructed and massively expansive airport terminals, without air conditioning, in sweltering heat, Barack Obama complained that American businesses would be enthusiastic to move their operations to China because that country’s infrastructure is superior and has surpassed ours.

Meanwhile, American athletes wore special masks because the smog in Beijing is so bad that those not acclimated to it have breathing problems.

Even if American companies were all clamoring to leave the decrepit and crumbling United States, one might ask how it is that China has developed such a powerful economy after its long ignoble history as a third world nation.

Though China has finally come into the twentieth century, economically, it still maintains draconian policies stifling freedom Americans take for granted.   That aside, what has China done to be considered by our brilliant Democratic nominee for president, superior to the United States?

China has developed its wealth by embracing an economic model based on market principles, subjugating those centrally controlled bureaucratic tendencies that kept China in the Stone Age for so long under Mao, and which saw the Soviet Union collapse.

While China evolves into a modern nation embracing free market principles and Russia reasserts its dominance as a super power shifting its economy to one based on markets where citizens pay the government through an uncomplicated flat tax system, Obama praises China for being superior to us, and then encourages the sort of policies that saw the Soviet Union fail and maintained China in squalor for so long.

He brags about raising taxes on those who can afford it in obsequious stump speeches to the least accomplished Americans hoping to get their votes.

He neglects to tell the American people those who can afford it are the ones driving China’s economy by developing new technologies, building manufacturing plants and employing people.

Obama’s stupid, naïve or just flat out dishonest rhetorical proclamations assert American businesses might relocate to China, because of all things, infrastructure?

Not because of tax advantage?

Not because of labor advantage, where employers worry little about injuries and don’t have to contend with Unions?   Where a population is so hungry to advance it actually works with purpose, dedication and has respect for its employers?

Not because American companies might fear the threat of frivolous lawsuit less in China than America?

It is clear Obama is not a candidate because anything he says makes any sense at all, some Americans just like the idea of a black guy becoming president.  

Obama’s plan to fix the economy is all encompassed in the brilliant catch all, Americans want Change!  

According to Dumbo, Americans want higher taxes, universal health care, to give more of our money to third world nations in Africa lead by corrupt despots, to subsidize alternative energy sources while disallowing the development of oil and nuclear power, and more affirmative action advancing less qualified people over more qualified people.

If DumbObama really wanted to mimic China he would suggest we abolish OSHA, the EPA, and imprison in labor camps every single trial attorney in the nation.   Throw in a little starvation to really motivate the work force and put in a one child policy to encourage even more abortions and we could be well on our way toward replicating the country Obama admires most.


Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo