“Nucular” with an E

When Dan Quayle erred by adding e to the end of a particular vegetable’s spelling the press had a field day.   How stupid could this guy be?   Can you believe it?   The assault was relentless and the main stream media congratulated itself endlessly by broadcasting the gaffe repeatedly.   They effectively put an end to any further political aspiration Mr. Quayle may have had.

Today, journalistic integrity means root for the commie, and today the leading socialist darling is Barack Obama, the brilliant Harvard graduate who thinks there are 57 states in the United States except for the two he hasn’t visited yet!

Meanwhile, President Bush is an illiterate moron who only got C’s at Yale.   John Kerry, who also went to Yale attained a lower GPA than Bush, but Kerry was the smart guy?

It makes you wonder what they teach at journalism school.   It sure isn’t that reporters shall ferret out the truth.

Watching major anchors swoon left and suggest their objectivity is irreproachable is quite comical.   While Rush Limbaugh lambasts John McCain with relentless commentary for his embrace of leftist policy the main stream media labels Limbaugh an entertainer holding to hyperbolic assault and parody, incapable of hard news.

To answer that Chris Mathews just about jizzed his pants in admiration for Obama’s Yes we can speech.   He was tearing up barely capable of keeping notes, and Joe Scarborough challenged the audience to email him with any example of a better speech.

While Brian Williams proclaims an Obama speech with empty rhetoric beautiful and soaring he begins an interview with George W. Bush discussing the Katrina debacle like this,

You have apologized for the damage, but what about the damage to your presidency? And Mr. President, here’s what I mean, most call it your low point. A lot of Americans are always going to believe that that weekend, that week, you were watching something on television other than what they were seeing. And Professor Dyson from the University of Pennsylvania said on our broadcast last night, it was because of your patrician upbringing. That it’s a class issue.      

And they wonder why FOX News does so well.   O’Reilly is an animated hot head, he demagogues against oil companies to my dismay (while the government takes three times more revenue from each gallon of gas than they do), but at least he delivers somewhat aggressive questions to all candidates.   If anything, he takes it easy on left-wingers in person to avoid appearing partisan.

After 1173 pages of his medical record were released showing him in perfect health, the New York Times reported that John McCain appears to be cancer free.

Rush Limbaugh is partisan, makes no bones about it, but tells the truth.

The established news outlet anchors from ABC, NBC, and CBS are indignant at the suggestion that they might be partisan, then they flat out lie for their guy and against adversaries.

So President Bush can’t say nuclear properly and might be semi-retarded.

Anybody listen to Obama’s Memorial Day speech?

The main stream media wouldn’t comment, but he appeared to be totally retarded honoring all the dead people sitting in the audience.

I am quite amazed to see the new criteria for intelligence.   The way our news outlets report things and lie, I find it would be more complimentary to have them label you dumb ass rather than brilliant.

Here are two speeches for you Joe Scarborough, one has substance and fact, the other has rhetoric and says nothing:

This one by a messianic visionary.

This one by an amiable dolt.

P.S. Who knew Obama’s uncle was Russian?


Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo