Poke Him with a Fork

Given the circumstances I don’t see how Barack Obama could have performed better in his interview with Major Garrett on Fox News distancing himself from the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his inflammatory rhetoric.   Obama was poised, respectful, and graceful.   Handling difficult questions, he exhibited a level of decorum appropriate for a presidential candidate.   It was quite a contrast to the indignance and sarcasm generally exhibited by that other Democratic candidate.

Even though it is hard to believe he didn’t know of the goings on at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, having attended services since the early nineties, Barack Obama is one of those guys you can’t help but like.   He’s polished, he’s warm, and he is amiable.   In spite of the fact I disagree with just about every political policy he embraces I do think it would be healthy to see our nation elect a black man for president.   Perhaps then we could put this whole racial thing behind us.   Unfortunately, that will not be the case.   If anything, Obama’s coronation would only exacerbate our ethnic divides and it is precisely that reason his coronation will not take place.

Obama’s worst adversaries are not his detractors, they are his supporters.   It wasn’t so amazing to watch the Reverend Jeremiah Wright make the ridiculous statements that we killed 70,000 people in Hiroshima and hence deserved 9/11, or that America invented the HIV virus to kill people of color, or even that we should not be known as the U S of A but as the U S of KKK A, the most amazing thing was to watch hundreds in the congregation applaud and laugh and support this seditious and hateful rhetoric.

Follow up that display by watching O’Reilly interview two black women who would profess the good Reverend’s words to be completely reasonable and one finds cause to indulge a serious head scratch (even O’Reilly was lost for words and raised his hand to brow in disbelief when one of the ladies confirmed his query that Wright’s rhetoric was completely sensible).   Going further to see these women proclaim that White America cannot understand the black experience in racist America nor understand what the Black Church is all about, it makes it pretty tough for some dumb redneck working in a machine shop review the spectacle and think, I think I’ll vote for their guy!

Despite the relentless accusations calling white Americans racist, Barack Obama would not be where he is without a significant white vote.   If Caucasian Americans were ever to profess their support of a white candidate because of his color the left’s impending harangue would be deafening, and yet when Mississippi’s black vote went to Obama by 92% nary was there any bit of dissent.   The last politician I know of to get 92% of the vote was Saddam Hussein, and look what happened to him!

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama need white males to vote for them if they expect to win.

For Hillary, that leaves neo-liberal men with an identity crisis and youngsters old enough to vote but incapable of comprehending what their vote does.   No self-respecting man who has any experience with women what-so-ever is going to indenture himself voluntarily to four years of the nanny-state condescending and sanctimonious bull which is Hillary’s stock in trade.  

As for Obama, I cannot see how he can expect to get any kind of majority among white America when his most fervent supporters hate white America.  

If my only choice for President was Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, I’d take Obama.   Even though he’s further left than Clinton  I do like him personally, and the prospect of hearing Hillary’s cackle for the next four years is more than I can imagine.   (Although, I would enjoy the theatrical entertainment we’d all be privy when the first man resurrects operation of his mini-assault rifle where young interns are concerned.)

Character and virtue do matter for something and while Obama does have some questionable skeletons in his closet, dealing with shady characters from the Weather Underground and managing to purchase property in the most prestigious part of Chicago (below market from another leery acquaintance indicted for promoting kick backs from government deals), his character is still more commendable than that possessed by anyone named Clinton.

Barack Obama will do very nicely for himself as a politician who represents a narrow and prejudiced group, he’ll make lots of money and probably enjoy a long life in public service, but he will never be President of the United States; that job requires he represent all Americans, not just the angry black ones.

For president, he’s done.


Update:  Obama’s indictment of Imus over remarks which got him fired (and were far less incendiary than  what Reverend Wright has preached) highlight a blatant hypocrisy.   Seems the good Senator from Illinois has two standards, one for white people and one entirely different measure for black people.  

Obama’s not just done, he’s well done, over well, double done, fried to a crisp!


Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo