This Jesus Thing

I was raised an atheist in a middle-classed conservative household in a predominately Jewish neighborhood.   My father was sent to church and catholic school, and even at one point considered entrance into the seminary.   He rebelled and when I and my sister came along, my dad was determined not to force religion upon us, although we did get baptized.

Additionally, I was educated in a public school system that taught, among other things, that we were headed into the next ice age and evolution explained the existence of mankind.

I’ve always enjoyed a good debate and spent many evenings with my logically challenged classmates arguing the existence of God.   Faith arguments are always difficult to reconcile, and my opponents in these jousts used faith exclusively to bolster their positions.

My secular education was based strictly upon science, fact, and logic, or so I thought.

As my critical thinking skills improved and I matured I began to question some of the truths I thought were infallible.   For instance, to imagine that evolution clearly explains the existence of life on earth, one must except faith based arguments that the quantum leaps which separate life forms and species do not give evidence of creation by an Intelligent Designer, but give evidence that mankind just has not yet found the evidence supporting the claims of evolution.  

Furthermore, analysis of some simple life forms, with some twenty or so working parts, where these parts have very specific and deliberate functions, appear to have been designed by a thinking being.   No plausible evolutionary postulate can explain the development of these little living entities; for the Evolutionists; once again, a leap of faith provides their sanctuary.  

That Evolutionists get their butts kicked in every single debate where they square off against the Intelligent Designers to such an extent that the Evolutionists refuse any further debate certainly does little to prove veracity in their claims.   Kind of like Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth explanation of CO2 levels in ice where he says, …it’s not important to totally understand the complexity of this chart just take my word for it

Following the Evolutionist’s arguments explaining mankind’s existence requires one leap of faith after another.   You’ll find their adherence to faith is stronger and more inept than the extremist fundamentalist’s heretical embrace of Christianity, and after you batter them with their own hypocritical faith based clench of conviction, ask them to explain the Cambrian Explosion.   That’s when they’ll start swearing at you.

If we all do exist here on earth via some cosmic accident, it sure is one heck of an amazing happenstance.   I mean, it’s one thing to imagine that we evolved from dust particles in a massive nebula, without any intelligent coercion,  to the complex living system that today is earth, but to really investigate the depth and breadth of our little world and imagine that all the natural resources that this planet possesses in just the right specific quantities that mankind can create and prosper in the manner that we do today is something beyond amazing.   The leap of faith required to believe this, and the leap of faith required to fill all the holes in the theory of evolution, makes it not so far-fetched that Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross for all of us and our transgressions though that rapture thing is kind of tough to wrap your brain around.

Even if my critical thinking skills had not improved to the point where I asked these simple questions only to hear silence as the best argument in reply, one annoying fact makes it impossible to embrace the secular progressive position that there is no God; liberals suggest it is a fact.

It is not possible that liberals could be wrong about every philosophy they prescribe and magically have it right on God.  

Jesus gives us a pretty good deal, try not to be too big a jackass here on earth, consider the almighty, and you get a ticket to the good place and if he’s been bullshitting us?

Then the liberals are right…

It would be the only time in history…

I think not.  

Merry Christmas America.



Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo