Dear Mr. President: Vladimir Putin,

Recent pronouncements by Russia’s government indicate your dwindling population threatens the prolonged existence and survival of the State.   Your encouragement of fellow citizens to procreate may help in the long term; however, there are a few immediate policy directives you might institute to jump start your population increase through immigration.   Furthermore, by establishing some fundamental foundational principles, I believe you can develop policies that will increase your population with bright and motivated people in the short term and in the long term.

If I might be so bold:

Somehow you must completely sever and condemn any admiration for Lenin’s legacy and his secular policies.   I might add, your population predicament is directly related to this heritage.  

In the United States, Democrats are working like crazy to import as many illegal aliens as possible to get their votes because liberals don’t procreate like conservatives do.   They think these poor people will vote for them, which they might in the short term.   What these dumbasses don’t understand is Mexicans are devout Catholics and they won’t hold long to the immoral secular policies which encourage abortion, strive to redistribute income through thievery, claim to help the poor by subjugating our most aggressive producers, and attack the Church while they build an omnipotent government of their design callous to the freedoms of our Founding.  

You see, these freedoms were not bestowed to us by man; they were bestowed to us by God.

Whether you personally believe the dogma or not, you must encourage Christian devotion among your people.   I wonder who might be more likely to overtake the Russian land, the citizens you encourage to have children who embrace secular thought due to Russian heritage, or Muslim extremists, like those battled with in Chechnya, who have already occupied much of Europe?   Which group is more religious?

Not long ago a few dissenters met their mysterious and untimely demise.   You really must cut that shit out.   While I admire you efficiency in eliminating bothersome gnats (there are a few Democrats I wouldn’t mind feeding some Plutonium).   As much as I am certain you could encourage some of the world’s most productive citizens to consider living in Russia with the simple enticement of allowing them to keep the money they earn, at their core successful people are an independent and pugnacious bunch, if you let them mouth off a little bit they will be fine and quiet down as long as you don’t illegitimately steal their hard-earned dough.

Our anti-freedom leftists would have you believe American crime results from the possession and dissemination of firearms in spite of the fact that firearm manufacture and production has consistently been part of America’s heritage since her Founding.   It is easy to track an increase in crime to the advent of the secular-progressive movement and the immoral values espoused by that faction.   Corruption in Russia is rumored to be very high; I would venture to say that fact relates to secular beliefs that put the State above the individual and above God.

In the United States, throughout the twenties and thirties, there were virtually no controls on firearms and after WWI many Americans obtained and owned machine guns.   Crime was very low.   In spite of infamous firearm use among gangsters of the era, crime among private citizens was nearly non-existent, and even the gangsters maintained a code to keep violence between gangs and the cops.

If anything, firearm possession overwhelmingly encourages a sense of responsibility and humility.   Firearms are a great equalizer between strong and weak and powerful and timid.   A society strewn with firearms is also one strewn with good manners (provided society’s religious component has not been completely destroyed).   No citizen should fear harm to his person because of social class or physical stature.   Firearm possession is a terrific equalizer in society otherwise prone to bullying tactics.

While America’s federal, state, and local governments are throwing the fifth amendment down the toilet to aid big developers in stealing property away from small landowners, ( eminent domain ), so townships can extract greater tax revenues from limited real estate (higher tax revenue has suddenly become public use ) you might ensure citizens to be secure in their property and gain the synergistic benefits of individual efforts combined when people venture to improve and maintain their own possessions.

Now I must admit this letter seems to intone values listed in America’s venerated Bill of Rights.

It wasn’t by accident that America became the greatest economic and military power on the planet in only two hundred years and was instrumental in the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

You’ve got the natural resources to dominate the world, and you’ve got many bright people.   What you need are polices which instill a moral code, and encourage movers and shakers around the world to want to live there.

While politicians in the United States try to institute policies to make us the old Russia, you can institute policies to make Russia the new America.      


James V. Pontillo II
American Patriot


P.S.   I was very happy to see Russia’s development of that FOAB thing, four times more powerful than America’s MOAB.   I would really love to see us get the cold war cranked up again, it is the only way we are going to get our liberal idiots to let us spend money on cool shit like laser beam rays from outer space that can take out extremist terrorists with just a few computer key strokes instead of wasting it on lazy people who won’t work.    


Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo