A Maple Leaf, A Sickle, and A Hammer

It is rare that I hear a news report, where, within a few hours, I can’t do research and become well informed on the particular subject.   My primary source for research is the internet, but using that resource takes a bit of tenacity and imagination.   Sometimes you just can’t find what you need, and it can be tedious trying to verify information.  

A friend who listens to the Patriot Channel on Sirius Satellite told me the station (144) has been completely banned from Canada.   One of the Patriot Channel shows did a five minute blurb on the channel’s suppression, but that was it.   I asked my friend if he could get more details about the censorship, but on the next broadcast day, none of the shows on 144 uttered a word about it.   My friend even called into the Patriot Channel to be told they were not broadcasting in Canada anymore, but could not get any details.  

On the net I searched:
Patriot Channel Banned in Canada
Sirius 144 Ban

I made various other searches but could not find a single story on the ban.  

I was curious to see how the Patriot Channel’s ratings compared to liberal talk ratings (I had a fair idea, but wanted some hard facts) so I searched again:

Nielsen Ratings Patriot Channel


Nielsen Ratings NPR

Here I got some interesting hits:

NPR: Networks Complain of Flaws in Nieslsen Ratings Tool
NPR: Tweak to Nielsen Ratings May Boost Some Shows
Nielsen Ratings: NewsMax’s Web Traffic Skyrockets
NPR: Council Doesn’t Endorse Nielsen Ratings Tool

Anytime ratings disparage liberal programming, Liberal’s decry error in the method of testing.  

I’m sure it frosts liberal sensibilities to see: Nielsen Ratings: NewsMax’s Web Traffic Skyrockets.  

Something tells me the Patriot Channel didn’t get banned in Canada because of lack of listenership.  

Liberals cannot compete in the arena of ideas.  

While our leftist media machine does its best to dissuade Americans from embracing and appreciating capitalism and God, the foundations of our culture fought so heroically for by George and the guys, we still have enough tradition embedded within the American psyche to prevent our government from running rough-shod over all our values even though they continually try.   Canada, unfortunately, has no such firm cultural underpinnings and much of their society has accepted socialism and the government censorship intrinsic to it.  

American complicity in this censorship is wrong.   American prosperity and freedom will not survive it.  

Google and Microsoft recently submitted to Chinese demands that internet searches from inside China would not return information about: Freedom, Liberty, The Bill of Rights, Tiananmen Square, and other specific subjects.  

Sirius Satellite is now shutting down conservative talk in Canada, and Canada is not exactly what we would consider a far off foreign land.   The Canadian government continues to tip further into the socialist abyss, and their proximity to us culturally and physically is dangerously close.   It is one thing to exert little influence in China, but in our own hemisphere?   Is it our Manifest Destiny to relegate ourselves to the single quasi-capitalist nation in the world?

We are in an ideological war and launching not a single fusillade.   Meanwhile, the socialist world is targeting us with everything they’ve got.   The United Nations exists to thwart U.S. strength and prosperity.   Hugo Chavez is nationalizing and confiscating American oil company assets and North Korea extorts money out of us.   (We can’t even beat a little tin-pot piss-ant like Kim-Jong-Il?)

If that weren’t enough, our own homegrown communists fight every political race with class warfare suggesting the rich don’t pay their fair share, as if 35% income tax isn’t enough, to say nothing about property tax, sales tax, business tax, employment taxes, State taxes, etc.

Communism and Capitalism are both self-promoting ideologies, the former empowers government, the latter the individual.   They are incompatible.   One is a moral form of government insuring the rights guaranteed by God are not split from the individual.   The other, individuals are State property, their fate in the hands of dictators.   History tells us people live better under Capitalism and the freedom and liberty it gives birth to.   Which one do we want to live under?

If we say Capitalism then we must fight the tyranny of socialism and censorship everywhere in the world where we find it.   Let Canada spend the billions required to launch a satellite and provide the sort of programming they wish for their citizens.   When they don’t bring in enough revenue to support these operations and they wish to enter the U.S. market they can pound sand.   Socialism will be crushed under its own weight, and we need to encourage it.

If it doesn’t scare the crap out of you that Google and Microsoft censors internet searches in China, and Canada doesn’t allow broadcast of the Patriot channel, perhaps it will bother you when our government institutes the Fairness-Doctrine , which will curtail only conservative speech, already being promoted by left wing media outlets like ABC, NBC, and CBS, who are hemorrhaging viewers to alternative media sources like Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the Patriot Channel on Sirius.  

If this doesn’t bother you, it probably won’t bother you when our government starts telling you how many kids you can have, where you can live, where you can travel, what you can do, what you can think, and your only source of news is Pravda.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo