Kill Earl and Aim Anti-Aircraft Guns at U.S. Troops

When I was in high-school (circa 1980) 93.9 KZLA was a brand new radio station which quickly became my favorite.   Barbara Mandrell was singing I was country when country wasn’t cool and You can eat crackers in my bed anytime.   I might have been popular if I was in Texas, but I wasn’t, I was in southern California and listening to country music was like being gay.   In those days homosexuality still had some stigma too it, it wasn’t viewed with the progressive admiration of true enlightenment like it is today.   John Elway’s alma mater had enrollment of some two-thousand students, and I think I was the only one listening to KZLA.   Coolness was never my strong suit.  

My musical tastes have broadened, but country music is still my favorite and if I were to pick my top five favorite artists the Dixie Chicks would probably be one of the five.   Not only is their music in the genre I most appreciate, they have the sort of upbeat and humorous presentation I like.    

I was disappointed to hear about their comments in London on the eve of American soldier deployment to Iraq, and immediately felt repulsed and uninterested in listening to them.   I wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear that radio stations were pulling their songs while the Chicks appeared incredulous.   Didn’t they have any idea who their fans were?    

Their childish and naïve view of war is typical of kids who make ridiculous sums of money with very little personal hardship, and their willingness to make disparaging comments in such an anti-American environment on foreign soil was particularly revolting.   If they really felt so strongly about their Freedom of Speech , why didn’t they exercise that freedom in Dallas or Houston?   That would have been a short concert.  

Natalie Maines, was interviewed on 60 minutes and was indignant and astonished that such a trivial comment should cause such an uproar and she grumbled about her Free Speech.   Barbara Boxer, our really dumb California Senator (as opposed to the just dumb Senator Feinstein) compared the corporate boycott of Dixie Chicks music by Clear Channel’s 1200 radio stations to Nazi Germany censorship by the third Reich.    

Unlike the Dixie Chicks, Clear Channel knew who its audience was and  responded.   The Dixie Chicks were censored by fans, not Clear Channel.   If it was in Clear Channel’s best interest to keep the Dixie Chicks on the air, I can assure you, the big evil corporation would have never cut their music.  

There is one area where liberals are never inconsistent, and that is in their propensity to be hypocritical, and the pacifist Dixie Chicks are no exception.   While they ridicule President Bush’s worthy efforts to protect the American people, in one of their banner songs, Earl had to die they celebrate the murder of an abusive husband.   Now I really like that song, but I’m just a dumb red neck happy to kill abusers, and evil despots!  

The Dixie Chicks don’t sell out their concerts like they once did and they don’t sell as many albums, but they are still doing just fine.   This last week they won five Grammys, unprecedented for a country music group that can’t even get an invitation to the Country Music Awards.    

So the Chicks have a new career bringing country music to Blue State America, and the liberal elitists are clapping and carrying on cheering a genre of music that up until now they have abhorred.   Soon, I am sure we will see them sitting with Jane Fonda on enemy artillery pointed at U.S. servicemen.  

Careful girls, any flyboy that gets Hanoi Jane in his sights will  not hesitate to blow you up and put a boot up your ass.   THAT IS THE AMERICAN WAY!

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo